What Is BioThane®

Don’t worry anymore about dirty, unsightly, smelly collars or leashes for your beloved pet.
Pet Time Croatia top-quality handmade pet equipment is designed to suit the most pretentious style and withstand the most active lifestyle of your precious fur baby.
All Pet Time Croatia collars and leashes for dogs are handmade to order in our atelier in Split, using the revolutionary American material BioThane®.

What is BioThane®?

BioThane® is a trademark of all coated strip products manufactured by BioThane Coated Webbing Corp. in the United States. It is basically a polyester band with a TPU or PVC coating which makes it more durable, waterproof and easy to clean.

Why is BioThane® better than leather?

BioThane® is more durable, cleaner, stronger and easier to maintain. It is also available in so many beautiful different colors ... and your pet deserves such variety.

How long will it last?

Under normal use, BioThane® will last longer than leather and nylon.

Will it smell if the animal gets wet?

No, BioThane® is resistant to unpleasant odors.

How to clean a collar or leash?

Warm water and soap usually work well. You can also soak it in a small amount of alcohol.

Will it still work in cold weather?

Yes, BioThane remains flexible and durable in cold weather.

Will the colour fade?

Regular colours will retain colour significantly longer than fluorescent ones. In general, the deeper the shade of the shade, the longer it will last.

Can the paint be transferred to other surfaces?

Certain colors, especially fluorescent colors, may be transferred from the BioThane collars / leashes to hair, skin, or fabric. These paints are not dangerous and do not pose a health or safety hazard. If color transfer occurs, wash with soap and water.

Is it getting sticky?

Under normal use, it will not. It can become sticky if exposed to certain chemicals, such as DEET or other insect repellents.