Upoznajte naše '21/22 ambasadore

Meet Our '21/22 Ambassadors

Let us introduce you to our very first Pet Time Croatia brand ambassadors - some have a lot of Insta followers and some have less, that was not our first criteria. We wanted to have small, medium and big dogs represented, and we also looked for cute photos and fun, creative captions and - to be honest - it was REALLY hard to not choose EVERYONE!

If you are interested in becoming our ambassadors, we have good news and bad news. We will start with the bad news: we are not gonna select more ambassadors for the next 12 months. Which brings us to the good news: we will look for new brand ambassadors around end of October 2022, so we can announce the new yearly ambassadors on our first year Pet Time anniversary, on November 10, 2022.

Until then, lets meet the first ever Pet Time ambassadors:


Hey guys! My name is Kuba. I am 1 year and 3 months old. I’m a pretty stubborn guy, but sooo good and cheerful character. I am obsessed with my mom and I follow her everywhere, because you never know who can attack her while she sleeps! Most of all I like to sleep and eat. For a cookie or two, I'll do everything, including making great photos for my favorite Pet Time necklaces!


Ara ogrlice za pse povodci po mjere vodootporne waterproof collar leash dog biothane

Hi everyone, I'm Ara! As a pup, I was left on the road. Today I am 4 years old and I have a family of my own. I love walking in the woods and playing with my doggie friends. I also love posing for the camera and wearing necklaces that make me even more beautiful!


Hi! I am Ruby and I am 2 years old. I love to run, play with my friends, and most of all I love balls and balloons that I could play with for hours. Whoever I like will get a loooot of kisses from me, until they start laughing (and I won’t stop even then).


Hi, I'm Pelin, I'm not even a year old. I have been making my owners happy for the last 10 months. I love the sea, the forest, ponds, the mud and FOOD! I like to tuck myself into bed and cuddle indefinitely. I'm mostly fearless. People and dogs bigger than me can’t do anything to me, but I run to hide as soon as I hear the sound of a nylon bag.


I'm Gigi, a dwarf schnauzer from Zagreb. I live with two, let’s say, ok people. He works in an office and she works from home, so the two of us are always together. I have pretty much a tidy life, three outings and two meals a day, plus treats, but never enough. They always end the walk too quickly and always give too little food. The apartment and the car are relatively okay, but it could always be better. Every year we go to the sea for a month or two, but even that is not spectacular. Daily trips to the beach and unbearable heat disrupt my daily vacation. They compensate for all these shortcomings by making their bed available to me, which I only use if they are in it, so they don’t think it’s all mine, even though it is. And on weekends we go to the woods for a couple of hours. There I forgive them all the mistakes they made during the week. What I really like most is what upsets them, and that is eating garbage or someone’s poop, and rolling in the mud. I love my people as well, but if SHE GOES SOMEWHERE life totally loses its meaning. Thanks to her, I became an ambassador of Pet Time Croatia and it is not a problem for me to wear this collar because I can get dirty without my hoomans going crazy.


Hi, I'm Sunny, born in Poland, I live in Zagreb. In my free time I steal socks from my family, I have a whole hidden collection. I like to socialize with other dogs, but I live for human touch. I prefer to eat a handkerchief over dog food. I love to walk and I really look forward to walks in the new Pet Time Croatia products.


Hi, I'm Zola, a year old toy poodle. I love cuddling, playing and learning new tricks. I love going on trips and exploring new places with my hoomans. Although I am a small dog, I am very brave and I bark fearlessly when I see an elephant, a lion and a crocodile ... on TV.


Hello to all my sweet doggie noses! 👋🏼 I am Molly, actually, Capronca Sea Molly, but I prefer to be called just Molly because who will remember all this… On 23.10. I turned 6 months old, who would say, right? I'm so young and so big already. By the way, I'm a big pet and I love to hug, but when I play I go completely crazy, I start running in a circle non-stop and then everyone laughs at me, not sure why… ah these people are really weird sometimes… Now I'm going to tell you a secret, but you have to promise me that this remains only between us. 🤞🏼 Every time someone I know comes to me, I am so happy that I simply pee of too much happiness. Please if this happens to you let me know that I am not the only one!

I enjoy nature and the people around me, I think I could play with them 24/7. Also, I adore food, I can’t describe to you that happiness when it’s meal time, I finish everything before you can say ‘biscuit‘. I think we can conclude that I’m really one very happy snout who enjoys sniffing and discovering all the new charms of this world. Speaking of sniffing and discovering, I will share with you one of my small but sweet flaws. I often try to play Dora The Explorer and I enjoy the role so much that I know how to escape from the yard to see something interesting. You know, the only thing that's weird about me is that every time I embark on new adventures outside the yard, my owners start running with me and yelling "MOLLY, COME, BISCUITS", and they don't realize I'm not hungry at all, they just walk around and run around the surrounding streets… I really don’t understand what’s wrong with that and why they’re constantly looking for me and running like crazy after me…
Now at 6 months old, I have become the happiest puppy because I got the honor of becoming one of the Pet Time ambassadors. I can't describe to you in words how happy I am for that, and you will be able to see it for yourself through pictures and videos. That would be it from me, thank you so much for taking the time to get to know me better. I'm sending you a lot of kisses. Your Molly! 🐾❤️


PAW everyone, I'm Era. I am a cross between a Swiss Shepherd and a Labrador, I am 2 and a half years old and I live in Zagreb. I spend my days doing normal dog things in an abnormal way - I’m tirelessly running and playing with balls, which is why they tell me I’m a purebred ball player. I am a successful influencer by profession, although I wanted to be a footballer since I was a pup. I love all people, so I would gladly bring slippers even to burglars.
As far as dogs are concerned, I am very territorial, so I expect everyone to know where MY street begins and ends. My people say I’m the best and most beautiful, and I don’t contradict when someone is right. I really don’t like to cuddle and I’m not easily corrupted with food. However, if I ever learn to write, I will first learn how to spell “filet mignon”.


I am a husky of 2 and a half years, but my nickname is Liluška (Russia - Siberia, Babuška - Liluška :)))

My story begins in Donji Miholjac (as far as it is known). The people who had me could no longer take care of ne and provide me with enough running and for my well-being, they decided to give me up for adoption.

I have different colour eyes and a unique personality. It is always about me, and I wil be very happy to express my satisfaction, but also dissatisfaction with my Husky voice. 🐺 I love to sing 🎵, dramatize 😬 and possessively keep my favorite toys 🙅‍♀️, and I love to cuddle, run and stalk cats. :)