U suradnji smo s Udrugom DOG & GO

We partnered up with Udruga DOG & GO

We appreciate all the suggestions we received so far from our fans, mainly on our Instagram page. We are happy to announce that we had chosen - as the first organization to partner up with - the young team at Udruga DOG & GO from Zagreb.

That means that a portion of each sale we make from December 2021 to May 2022 we will donate to them. The donation will be made in June 2022, but until then we plan to support them in other ways too, by posting about them on our social media, by offering them free Pet Time collars and leashes that they can auction or use in any other way that can help them raise more donations or get more people to adopt.

And, of course, we will be hosting, for these next six months, a presentation of their organization right here on our website. Here it is below, in the words of their young founders, Adriana and Martina:

"Udruga DOG & GO was founded in April 2021. Since then we actively saved more than 50 stray dogs. Until now we had dogs that were used for baiting, dogs that were on a chain (some of them being on a chain for 3 years and forgot to walk!).

We can say we succeeded and saved all of them. Now, they all enjoy their forever home. :)


We are Adriana and Martina, two friends from our student days who have a huge desire, will and motive to change, for the better, at least a little in this world.

For many years we have rescued stray dogs from the road, dogs that lived in terrible conditions, dogs that were bred for fighting and in general all dogs and animals that needed help. At that moment we realized it was time to start an association. And so the association DOG & GO was formed.

The DOG & GO Association was officially founded in April 2021. The mission of the Association is to provide help and support to those who cannot fight for themselves, whose voice is not heard, whose lives are unfortunately not appreciated by everyone, whose rights are often irrelevant!

The DOG & GO association is a non-profit association that is completely dependent on donations and volunteers, and which deals with rescuing, adopting and socializing dogs.

We dedicate all our free time to saving dogs, cats and other animals in need. And it is not always easy, except that it is sometimes physically strenuous, it is much worse that we are mentally exhausted when we see these poor animals that have been mistreated, in conditions where no one should live. There are often tears!


In case you want to join the DOG & GO association, any help is welcome! Is it help through volunteering and you want to give us your precious time, or is it financial help since the association is funded exclusively by donations, or maybe you want to host one of our protégés, which is the biggest help in the end! Contact us on doggo.hr@gmail.com or find us on social media (Facebook and Instagram): Udruga Dog & Go.

We also founded a “godfather project” if you would like to sponsor a specific dog in our association. All the necessary information can be found on our social media and/or email.


If you would like to donate, we have opened a go get funding campaign: https://gogetfunding.com/help-us-save-more-animals-in-croatia/

You can also donate via Paypal doggo.hr@gmail.com or in our account:


IBAN: HR4123400091111136916